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          Car Mirrors

          Featured Article #1

          Car Mirrors

          There are many different mirrors on the modern automobile that serve many different purposes. For the sake of simplicity, we'll discuss in length the three main mirrors—the passenger side mirror, drivers' side mirror, and rear view mirror—as well as the details to buying, replacing, and finding the proper type of mirror. It is important to […]

          March 27th, 2011 | Continued

          LED Headlights

          Featured Article #2

          LED Headlights

          Until fairly recently, xenon headlamps were considered the brightest among all the different types of car headlights in the market. The trademark bluish-white light of xenon headlamps can cut through darkness like a knife, and they are held in extremely high regard among car enthusiasts, often being retailed at ridiculously high prices. However, things seem […]

          December 8th, 2010 | Continued

          Heavy Duty Clutch

          Featured Article #3

          Heavy Duty Clutch

          Anyone driving a vehicle with a manual transmission will need to know the important of the clutch. Even a few people that drive vehicles with automatic transmissions will have clutches and need this information. As well, clutches are found in many other devices such as cordless drills, chainsaws, and mini bikes. What is a Clutch? […]

          November 8th, 2010 | Continued

          Racing Rims

          Featured Article #4

          Racing Rims

          Racing rims are an automotive product that attract a great deal of attention both in and out of actual racing circles. With the massive amount of car enthusiasts valuing racing rims more for their aesthetic capabilities than their performance factor, a new market has been born, made up of rims that are focused more on […]

          October 5th, 2009 | Continued

          Digital Speedometer

          Featured Article #5

          Digital Speedometer

          Until recently, most drivers – not counting racer car drivers are the very, very rich – had to be content with gauging their driving speed by using an old fashioned speedometer. Sure, you could tell when you were going 20, or 55, or 80, but trying to gauge whether you were going 37 or 38 […]

          August 18th, 2009 | Continued

          Cartech Auto Parts

          About this Site

          At CartechAutoparts.com, we provide technical guides and how to instructions on everything about automotive vehicles. Learn the basic mechanisms of various auto parts and car accessories, find the best parts solutions for your cars that feature cost saving and energy efficient capabilities, as well as safe and environmentally friendly vehicle characteristics. We hope our contribution […]

          Other Recent Articles

          12 Volt Car Batteries

          A 12 volt car battery is an electrical storage device. It does not make electricity; it stores it for future use. Certain chemicals in the battery change the electrical energy so that it is released to power up your lights, radio, windshield wipers, etc. A12 V car battery is also necessary for your car's ignition […]

          Plastic Wheel Covers

          Plastic wheel covers, hubcaps, or wheel trims are all words used to describe the same thing: a cover or seal meant to cover the center hub of an automobile tire, and protect the lug nuts and bolts. The lug nuts and bolts fasten the wheel to the axle of the car, and should be kept […]


          Almost all vehicles have a device called an odometer that is used to accurately gauge the vehicle’s distance that has been traveled. Cars, trucks, SUVs, off-road vehicles, bicycles motorcycles and many other types of vehicles all use an odometer. Odometers can be mechanical, electrical or both mechanical and electrical depending on the manufacture and the […]

          Overload Springs

          A good truck air suspension system will help you to add a bit of cushion to your ride when hauling or towing. It helps you to protect your vehicle from the constant wear and tear typically caused by hauling heavy items and adds a bit of stability when you need to apply the brake pedal, […]

          Trunk Organizers

          One of the problems with living in such a fast-paced society is that we are constantly on the go and it seems like no matter how hard we try it is next to impossible to get organized. We find that more and more often we are in our vehicles for business-related trips, shopping excursions or […]

          Hitch Cargo Carriers

          A hitch cargo carrier fits onto a trailer hitch and is an excellent vehicle accessory for those who need to transport and protect gear while they are traveling. The cargo carrier keeps your belongings completely covered. Gear is easily loaded and unloaded at waist level making it very convenient. Hitch cargo carriers or boxes can […]

          Automotive Fuse Block

          A fuse block is made up of fuses which operate at various amperage values. The amperage value which a particular fuse is operating on is factored by the electrical component that it is working with. If the amount of voltage is tremendously increased or decreased then the fuse could end up burning out. This is […]

          Bull Bars

          It is common knowledge for any car enthusiast that bull bars provide a number of benefits to an automobile. However, in order to reap the most benefits from them, motorists need to use them only in the appropriate situations. Such a possible circumstance might arise from a simple drive on the roads in rural areas. […]

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